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Giozening(shanghai)Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. is headquartered in Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai. With the help of the core technology and product advantages of motion control and machine vision, it is an integrated application solution provider for domestic industrial automation systems. The application fields of the scheme include positioning assembly, handling, assembly, testing, polishing, dispensing, patching, marking, locking, etc. It provides intellectualized system integration solutions for industrial robots, machine vision and supporting peripheral products for customers. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, technical support and training.


Jiuying has a professional team of robotic vision application, which takes the experience of system integration solution application as the engine, integrates the industrial Internet and information technology on the basis of the company's core product portfolio, and intelligently manufactures production lines and intelligent factories as the next development goals. She practices the enterprise concept of "honesty, professionalism, cooperation and win-win", marches towards "industry 4.0" for the automation industry, and keeps forging ahead for intelligent manufacturing.

Address: A2, No. 5399, Qingsong Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai

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