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A.Care and love the employee


To create an efficient, relaxed and caring working atmosphere for employees,


Promote employee's happiness and balance of work and life.


Every year we organize a series of activities to care for our employees.


For example, “ family day ” “ annual health check-up ” “ 61 children's Day parent-child activities ” etc.


In addition, the company has set up abundant recreational facilities to encourage employees to participate actively in them.


Advocate employees to love each other and work lightly and happily.

B.technological innovation


Innovation is the inexhaustible motive force of enterprise development. By implementing the scientific concept of development,


Strengthen scientific and technological progress and innovation with the goal of sustainable development.


Non-enterprise personnel provide on-the-job skills learning, while helping and rewarding to declare professional titles.


Always adhere to the road of independent innovation, introducing, digesting, absorbing and re-innovating, and achieve new leaps and bounds.


C.Green environmental protection


Pay attention to the optimum allocation of resources and optimize the harmonious relationship between people and environment and society.


To achieve the minimum resources and create the greatest social value.


Actively create resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises.


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